February 21, 2014

Campaign „Life is like a mirror: if you smile you get a smile back”

Campaign Life is like a mirror: if you smile you get a smile back”

Bright example for intolerance was a case that happened in front of Jumaya mosque in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria last Friday (14.02.2014). In the end of October 2013 the court of justice in Plovdiv returned the Kurshum mosque (in the town of Karlovo), which is not working temple for almost century, to the General Mufti. Just after the court’s decision a lot of citizens made a petition against it.

A few days ago (14.02.2014) in the city of Plovdiv the case was renewed. Hundreds of protesters went on the streets of Plovdiv. Later the same day the protesters broke the windows of Jumaya mosque in Plovdiv as a sign of protest. They were throwing stones and small handmade bombs on the building.

These acts of intolerance, violence and discrimination remind us well about a case of anti-Roma actions and a murder that happened in the village of Katunitsa, Bulgaria, few years ago. A conflict for property threatens to turn into hatred of Muslims in Bulgaria, just like the criminal act in Katunitsa turned into hatred of Roma in September 2011.

These ongoing events are opposing Bulgarian citizens against other Bulgarian citizens, majority against minority. As a civil organization, Center for interethnical dialogue and tolerance “Amalipe” is seriously concerned of this raise of interethnic tension. We make an appeal for more tolerance with our campaign “Life is like a mirror: if you smile you get a smile back”

The campaign will be organized by the youth task force groups of Center Amalipe in the cities of Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Blagoevgrad, Vratsa, Shumen and Burgas on 20th of February (Thursday) starting at 09:00 a.m. More information will be published on the webpage of the organization (www.amalipe.com). In the same time in all the cities the volunteers will greet the citizens with a smile and a mirror so they can look in and get a smile back. Everyone will be given flowers with different colors and printed materials showing the main messages of the campaign.

With this campaign we do not take part in the disputes on the property of the former mosques, but we want to ask for more tolerance and non-hate on ethnical or religious base.

“Youth is Tolerance” clubs are formed by Center “Amalipe” in the cities of Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen, Burgas, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad and Vratsa. The activities combine volunteers from different ethnics (Bulgarian, Roma, Turkish and others), students from schools and universities, united by the goal of combating anti-Roma stereotypes and shaping Tolerance to all the ethnicities in Bulgaria. These volunteer’s groups are established under the project “Youth is Tolerance” funded by the European commission. Other countries working on this project are Romania, Hungary and Greece.

February 20, 2014

In solidarity with the Ukrainian democrats, the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement EGAM is leading a delegation to Ukraine – Support this initiative !

Because we are aware that part of the future of Europe is at stake today in Ukraine, shocked by the bloody repression ordered by Viktor Ianoukovitch, and because we want to support the ones who courageously fight for democracy, the respect of human rights and the fundamental values of the European Union, EGAM is leading a human rights organizations delegation to Kiev, from tomorrow and for some days.

Coming from various countries including France, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Norway, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, the delegation will bear a message of solidarity to the Ukrainian democrats, on behalf of all these who, throughout the continent, support their fight.

We are also going to conduct a human rights monitoring mission, in order to build, along with the leaders of the Ukrainian civil society, a human rights alert report and a call for action paper.

This will allow promoting with strength our shared positions and efficiently calling for action the European leaders, who have so far been too reluctant to answer the call for Europe, democracy and rule of law that the Ukrainian society has been expressing.

Thank you for supporting this delegation and the monitoring mission, thus for sending a solidarity message to the Ukrainian democrats, by donating :


All donations are important !

Also, you will be able to follow the evolution of the mission on : 


Thank you !
The EGAM team

January 20, 2014

Agenda - EGAM - 2013 Annual Meeting Budapest

“European Civil Society Meeting For Europe and Democracy”

2013 Annual Meeting
Budapest, November 21st – 24th, 2013


Thursday, November 21st


Arrival of the participants
Transfer to the hotel and installation

1:00pm :
Cocktail-lunch, at the hotel

2:00pm :

Opening Ceremony of the EGAM Budapest Annual Meeting

Plenary session
Welcoming speech by Marton Udvari, legal advisor at NEKI
Opening speech by Benjamin Abtan, President of EGAM   Presentation of the participants
Presentation of the Agenda by Paul Morin, Executive Director of EGAM

3:00pm :
“Democracy at stake in Hungary”

Conference by

Jeno Setet, National Roma Leader
Milan Rozsa, Leader of the LGBT community
Andras Ligeti, Independent Jewish Activist
An academic from TASZ

4:00pm :

4:15pm :


Racism, anti-Semitism and racial discrimination in your country and in Europe

6:00pm :

Public Screening at Central European University:
The Cleaners, by Kostas Georgoussis

7:30pm :

Debate with:
Kostas Georgoussis, Director
Stefania Kapronczay, Director of TASZ
Benjamin Abtan, President of EGAM

Dinner in restaurant
Friday November 22nd

9:30am :

Visit of the Holocaust Memorial Centre

Confronting European Memory
Conference by
Nicolas Tavitian, Director of AGBU Europe
Levent Sensever, Spokeperson of DurDe !
Andi Gergly, Président of UEJS
Katalin Barsony , Romedia Fondation




-        European Parliament Resolution for the recognition of August 2nd as a Commemoration Day of the Roma Genocide
-        Plans for actions against the Pork factory in Lety, Czech Republic
-        Commemorating the Armenian Genocide in 2014
-        2014 European Training Seminar on the History of the Holocaust and Nazi Persecutions


1.00pm :

Report in Plenary Session

Reception at the French Embassy


European Alliance of cities against racial discrimination

Mario Mazic, Director of YIHR-Croatia
Ahmed Moawia, President of the Greek Forum for Migrants
Jean Paul Makengo , President of European Coalition of Cities Against Racism (ECCAR)
Benjamin Abtan, President of EGAM




Report in Plenary Session


Training on Situation Testing

Paul Morin, Executive Director of EGAM
Marton Udvari, Legal advisor at NEKI

8:00pm :


Preparation of the Testing Night in Budapest

Practical Implementation of Testing Night in Budapest

Saturday November 23rd


9.30am :



Mobilizing for the European Elections

Balasz Denes, European Civil Liberties Movement
Tamas Berecz, Athena Institute
Benjamin Abtan, President of EGAM


Report in Plenary Session








The state of anti-Roma racism in Europe today and Roma Pride

by :
Marian Mandache, Executive Director of Romani Criss
Miroslav Broz, President of Konexe
Clementine Trolong-Bailly, Coordinator at the ERTF


Report in Plenary Session


Presentation of EGAM 2013 Activities and financial reports

Benjamin Abtan, President of EGAM
Paul Max Morin , Executive Director of EGAM


Event for Civil Liberties and Democracy organized with Local NGOs
Sunday November 24th

9:00am :

Immigration: A European Strategy for Civil Society
Angela Scalzo, Secretary General of SOS Razzismo
Ahmed Moawia, President of the Greek Forum for Migrants







Closing Ceremony of the EGAM Annual Meeting
Plenary Session


The Board and the Staff of EGAM
The team of NEKI and TASZ

End of the EGAM Annual Meeting

Departure of the participants to the airport